Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long Run Day: Plan, Other

The plan for today is to do a half marathon on the treadmill in under two hours. That works out to an average 9:09 pace (about 6.7 mph) which is faster than my training pace of 9:40+ (6.2 mph) so I'm not sure if this makes sense. Last Saturday I averaged 9:23 (6.4 mph) for 12.8 miles outdoors in 2:00:13. Really, what's 3/10 mi over two hours?? Check back later for a full report.

Today was also a race simulation regarding breakfast. Got up with the dog at 6:45, had a big bowl of oatmeal with a banana and a cup of tea, plus a calcium supplement, vitamin E, 2 Advil and lots of water. I'll also weigh myself before and after to check on fluid balance (I was down to 170 the other day!). Time to get dressed and warm up.

I had a dream this morning that I was running a short race, and about 10 minutes before the start, my clothes and shoes were all wrong. So I went to change and nothing was right - it took forever to put my clothes on, and there were racing shoes with laces like fishing line. Then it started raining, and I woke up. :-(

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