Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Training Paces

Runner's World has a great training calculator that, given a race distance and time, will predict finish times for other distances and suggest paces for various kinds of training runs. Here are my training paces based on my 5K PR of 24:00:

9:47-11:01/miLong run6.00 mph
9:47/miEasy run6.13 mph
8:09/miTempo run7.36 mph
3:46/800mYasso 800s7.92 mph
7:21/miMaximum oxygen8.16 mph
6:48/miSpeed form8.82 mph

The calculator gives me a marathon time of 3:49:46 - pretty respectable for a first-timer with little natural running ability! Therefore, I am going to try these paces through my first race, using a combination program of Bob Glover's Runner's Handbook and Runner's World. Then it will be time to re-evaluate and tweak the program.

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