Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Year In Review, New Year's Run

Happy new year! (To both of my readers...?) It's time for all bloggers to recap 2008, right? I didn't read much new content yesterday, except from some of you people, but then I was busy getting in a New Year's Day run myself (so there!).

Let's get yesterday's run details out of the way first: 1.35 mi walking w/u, 2.0 mi in about 15:30 for a >somewhat unwise?< average run pace of 7:45/mi and a total of 4.0 miles. Not a bad way to kick things off. I didn't wear my NEW NB 859's THANKS MOM AND DAD but I'm breaking them in and expect to run in them soon.

Now, about that 2008 recap, which brings me to the subtitle you've read above all year - Dave did not run his first marathon and instead suffered the nagging tibial tendinitis you were bored hearing about for several months. I should probably change up the heading graphic one of these months - we'll see how long that takes...

December: 29.59 miles
2008: 643.7 miles (beats last year by almost 100 miles)

Next up: developing a reasonable training plan and putting some races on the calendar.

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Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job beating last year by 100!!

Have a great 2009!!