Sunday, January 18, 2009

Medium is the New Long

Remember when 5 miles was a moderate day? Well, 5 is the new long, which I did yesterday on the treadmill at a somewhat speedy 9:22 pace (6.4 mph). Only minor soreness complaints today, enough to let me know what I did, mostly via tight tib. anterior. Oh, TCRC finally did postpone yesterday's 10K and the forecast turned out pretty close (0° F with a windchill of -12).

I'm planning to run the 10K next weekend and 3 easy miles on two other days this week for a total of 13. The mileage is staying low relative to last year, as I think I did too much too early - my long runs were 10+ miles all winter and I got hurt. The current plan is to hit 20 miles/week at the end of March at the Forks XV, then take it easy for a month, then ramp up again before the Vestal XX in June. By then I should be able to tell what plan might get me to a fall marathon. Of course, you'll hear it all right here.

The core/push-ups routine came off the tracks lately, but I'll get back on. Friday was an off day but I managed to do both side planks plus 3x15 push-ups! Yesterday, nothing, but tonight I'll do something.

Mileage update: 12 miles this week, 28.99 for January/YTD.

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