Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catching Up, Again

Step one in catching up: check own blog to see How Far Back you have to go. In this case, it's Monday, January 26. Oh boy, two weeks... All runs are on the treadmill unless specified otherwise.

Wednesday, January 28: 0.76/2.0/0.24 for 3 easy miles running at 6.4 mph (9:22 pace)

Friday, January 30: 0.76/1.44/0.3 for 2.5 easy miles

Sunday, February 1: The plan was to do 6 total on the treadmill, but I wanted to make up for missing the last January Freeze 10K, so I ran 6.3 miles. w/u was 0.5, then 6.3 in 59:47 (9:29 avg. pace) mostly at 6.3 mph, with 1 mile at 6.4 mph and 1 mile at 6.5 mile and a strong finish. 0.5 c/d totaled 7.3 miles in 76:08.

Mileage update: 14.88 for the week, 49.12 for January, 56.42 YTD.

Monday, February 2: I needed to recover from the Sunday run so I got in 2.0 miles walking and jogging, which felt great.

Wednesday, February 4: 0.75/2 easy/0.25 totaling 3.0 with 0.5 at 7 mph and 0.5 at 7.5 mph. L tib anterior cramped up - I need to stretch everything!

Saturday, February 7: 0.77/1.93/0.3 for 3.0 total, pyramid up +0.1 mph each 0.1 mi from 6.0 to 6.9 mph, 0.1 mi at 8 mph, back down to 6 mph. L tib anterior still crampy.

Sunday, February 8: 0.65/3.0/0.35 for 4.0 total with 1 mi at 6.3 mph, 1 at 7 mph with break for L tib anterior cramp (will I learn? find out!), fast finish with 0.35 mi at 7 mph, 0.3 mi at 8 mph.

Mileage update: 12 for the week, 19.3 February to date, 68.42 YTD

Tuesday, February 10: Ran modified Lee Barta 5K route totaling 3.27 miles in 29:54, averaged 8:11 pace for last 2.18 miles. Felt pretty good running hard, but R tib anterior tight later.

Wednesday, February 11: 0.75/3.0 at 6.4 mph/0.25 for 4.0 total. R tib anterior still sore. L tib posterior tendon sore immediately after but not lasting. Today, I actually took the day off except for walking about a mile to work. The R tib anterior is better but still pretty shredded. It's a shallow, hard, tight muscle that seems to be undergoing some "training effect" - or it would if I'd leave it alone for a few days.

OK, I swear that's it for now. Go read something interesting.

What a coincidence - something interesting. Author Jason Cohen, who inspired the 37signals post on copying commented on the other commenters thusly, in part:

I NEVER SAID you should never copy or not be inspired or totally ignore successes. I said you can’t copy blindly and expect success. I said you need need to filter rules through your own world-view. I said you should think about having a unique path.
Why do people need to explain these things??? WHY???

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