Monday, March 9, 2009

Race Results: Shamrock Run

OK gang, this turned out better than I thought. It seems there were more fun-runners this year, and the women's field was especially shallow. My official time Saturday was 6:55, which seems even better than I thought they might have adjusted for the confusing start. Hey race organizers, tell the field exactly how you will start the race! Does one horn blast mean "one minute!", or "on your mark," or "run like hell!", or "does this horn work?"? Better luck next year. I placed 20th out of 72, which is 72nd percentile and much better than I thought. I was hoping for maybe 55th percentile, just above the middle, which is about my regular performance.

Now here are last week's runs:

Tuesday, March 3: 5.5 miles total, 4.0 miles tempo at 7.4 mph. One walk/stretch break for tight left tib. anterior.

Thursday, March 5: 2.65 miles run/jog/walk

Friday, March 6: 2.6 miles run/jog/walk

Saturday, March 7: Shamrock Run, 1 mile in 6:55

Sunday, March 8: walk 2.5 miles

Mileage update: 14.5 for the week, including the walk; 16.9 March to date, 129.26 YTD

Today: an easy treadmill run, 3.75 total with 2.5 miles at 6.4 mph (9:40 pace) including two faster 400's. My left PTT feels pretty shredded right now. :-(

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