Sunday, July 11, 2010

End of Week 2: Great Weather, Sick Dog, 30 Miles

The heat and humidity have broken. The fog cleared and the sun came out this morning around mile 1.5, but it was dry and breezy. You cannot ask for better summer running weather.

Mac's elbow hot spot has come open (gross!!!) and we are keeping it wrapped and the dog in the Cone of Shame. I expect that he will need surgery this week to have it cleaned and stitched together. Time to return cans and bottles!

I still have some doubts about completing the entire training plan. There is a left medial shinsplint issue that did not respond to an injection of anesthetic three weeks ago and flares up if I'm not careful (running too far in the Asics, running in the new 850's). But I will keep running according to the plan and see if I can get in to the podiatrist again soon. I appreciate that the plan gives me something to shoot for and is designed to build steady improvement. I know I can run the prescribed paces, I did well in the Vestal XX (relative to a flat marathon), and I can already feel the benefit of the increased weekly distance, although I need to get more sleep!

This was the lightest week on the schedule (the schedule I started 2 weeks late) - only 28 miles planned. I count my warm-up and cool-down so all told it was almost 30 miles. Today's 10-mile easy run was good - I had to use forced walk breaks to keep the pace just above 10 minutes/mile. Nine miles helped me warm up for a 7:48 last mile (shh! don't tell the plan!). Week 3 starts including strides in the easy Tuesday runs and adds a marathon goal pace (9:09 MP) segment to the easy Friday run. Long/easy run pace dips just below 10:00/mile.

Mileage update: 29.95 for the week, 52.75 for July, 525.15 YTD.

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