Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Easy Run Day

4.4 miles total (treadmill) at easy pace of 9:40, 4x100 yd sprints at 8 mph/7:30 pace, 1 1/10 mi sprint at 9 mph/6:40 pace. Tired before starting but OK, sprints were really easy. Sore bi-lateral tib. anterior.

Philosophical training question: How tired do you have to be to skip a workout? Should you always just do it? There's got to be one point where you know it would be at least OK, and another where you feel like exercise would push fatigue into illness.

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Loth said...

Philosophical question hard to answer. I think if you feel exhausted before you even start running, you may need to cut yourself some slack. Obviously if it is just disinclination, then you need to slap yourself hard. Or preferably, get someone else to do it! (Or in my case, mumble that it's too dark and cold and go back to sleep).

Thanks for the comment on my wee Scottish blog - SB is inordinately pleased at all the attention!