Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Speed Training Day

5x800: 1 mi warmup, 2x800 at 7:47, 3x800 at 7:36, 0.5 mi c/d (5.0 mi total). Ran last 0.25 at 7:03 to 6:40 pace. Not too hard, but seemed long at times. Frasier re-runs do make the time go a little faster.


Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Dave,

Speaking of shoes...the Brooks Addiction are my old faithful road runners.

and Frasier is the best comedy ever in the history of TV. ;-)

Go easy in the cold weather!


Dave M said...

Thanks, Mary. I have tried on few other shoes that even come close to working for me. The first time I went to a Fleet Feet (Albany, NY) they had me in a featherweight Saucony shoe for the treadmill test - heaven on the feet but hell on everything else. We settled on the Addictions I had been wearing all along.

Assuming you're an (over)pronator, what do you wear now? Is it possible to be a "recovering overpronator" and eventually wear something else, perhaps if your feet and legs get stronger? We'll see what happens tomorrow when I get my new full-length orthotics and I'll ask the doc what the future may hold.