Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Easy Run Day

3.5 miles with 0.75 w/u, 2.5 at easy pace, 0.25 c/d. Legs felt good, but shins are a little sensitive.

Still a little sore in the abs from the long run, and I think the blood donation on Monday slowed me down in the recovery department. This week, for missing yesterday's easy run due to a late meeting, I'm shifting one day to the right and not taking Friday off. I think easy runs are needed this week, easy runs without all the sprints I usually like to do.

I just picked up Daniels' Running Formula, a training bible to some, but to me it feels a little too advanced right now. I do like his idea of knowing exactly what a particular training session is meant to improve - endurance, lactate threshold, VO2max or efficiency/form - instead of just noodling around with different paces. OK, I know I haven't been wasting my time with the plan so far, but I want to make my training more specific and effective. Comments on how you've used this book would be greatly appreciated.

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