Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long Run Day

10.4 miles in 1:35:36 (9:08 pace). A little fast for a long run, but I think I still need to adjust the pedometer. Cold (27-30 degrees) with a light breeze - one layer with windbreaker was OK.

New feature: MapMyRun - let's see how this embedded IFRAME code works...


Tea said...

Two cool new things! I should try to do that on my blog.

Mapmyrun and the calendar doohicky. Do I really need MORE technology? um, yea. probably.

Oh, and nice job on the run.Do you run with a heart rate monitor?

Dave M said...

The calendar thing is just a generated PDF page that you can print out and mark up. Simply marking off days shows you where you are consistently working at something, whether it is training, writing, a hobby or whatever.

Thanks! 10.4 miles is my new PR distance - and I was especially pleased at the pace. I don't wear a HR monitor; it's all perceived effort I suppose. There is a HR reader on my treadmill, but it takes a long time to get a reading.