Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Easy Run and Race Goal Declaration

4.0 typical easy miles in front of two more Frasier episodes. I kicked up the pace to 9:31-9:22 - slowly bringing the easy run pace down from 9:40 when I can. I do remember when 9:40 felt like 9:20. Still a good stretch of the legs, but when do these short, easy runs turn into junk miles? I guess Jack Daniels would say it's when the same workout no longer has a purpose.

Tomorrow's my last speed workout before the 1-mile race on Saturday - should I stick to the 7x800 that's on the schedule, or try mixing 4x800 with 3x3:40 hills at 5%? Yes, I know it's too close to the race to have any real training benefit.

My goal for the race is 7:40, and I've been doing my 800 repeats at 7:30 on the treadmill. However, last year's 5K PR average pace was 7:46, and I know I ran negative splits. Crazy talk or just needless obsessing? It's OK, you can tell me. Let's keep it at 7:40 and be happy with something close. Anything better will be a nice reward for training hard over the winter.

(Training nerd update: My 5K PR of 24:06+/- indicates a VO2max of 40, which predicts a 7:07 mile. Call the paramedics!)

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Tea said...

HOLY CRAP....I'm always one for sticking with my goal time but going all out and trying for more.