Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Speed Training Day

6.5 miles total: 7x800 at 7.7/7.8/2x7.9/3x8.0 mph (7:48-7:30 pace) with 400 rests, jogging. Last half of last interval at 8.2-8.4 mph (7:19-7:09 pace) to see what the VO2max predicted mile time of 7:07 felt like - ugh! 1.0 w/u and 0.5 c/d.

Since I find myself going faster than goal paces when running outdoors (I might average a long run with a goal pace of 9:45 at 9:10 instead), I would be happy to keep 7:40 as the goal time for the mile on Saturday. It would be amazing to beat that time since the last half of the race is uphill.

Two easy days to follow. I am sore in some places and tight in others, and just want to stay loose. No need to bang out miles this week.

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