Sunday, March 30, 2008

35th Annual Forks XV Race Results

(The Start: not that you care, but I'm hiding in back on the left)

One second per mile. That's all it would have taken to match my goal time. When you're trying to give it everything for 9 miles, it just doesn't feel like you could squeeze another second from anywhere. But if I knew how close I was, I probably could have come up with a little something extra...

Here are the official results (nice job, TCRC!):
overall   35-39
106(/220) 8/16 David MacEwan 36 M Binghamton NY
club time pace perf
TCRC 1:15:12 8:04 556
Thank you to race director Tom Hamlin and all the volunteers for putting on a great race. I will cherish my finisher's coffee mug, and I'll probably come back for another one next year, with a little more training under my belt. This was a tough run, and I'm wiped.

Weekly total: 22.82 miles, 99.24 March MTD, 300.66 YTD. 27 weeks to Wineglass Marathon.

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