Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Speed Training Day

5.0 miles total: 1.0 w/u, 3.5 at tempo pace of up to 7.5 mph (8:00 pace), 0.5 c/d. Had a little trouble warming up and stretching. Both hamstrings were very tight and landing with the knees slightly bent seemed to aggravate them. I'll have to stretch more later, and walk around more and try to stretch tomorrow.

I spent some time working on a profile of the Forks XV course (March 30). The maximum elevation difference is only about 30 meters but you do it all at once about four times, with some rollers and flats in the middle. I'll have to drive or run the course before then and I'll see how bad it really is.


Tea said...

Run the course if you can. I've noticed that when I drive a course first I always think "Oh, this isn't too bad."


Dave M said...

Hey Tea- Thanks for keeping up with the training story. I'll really try to at least run the hilly part of the course near the start/finish. Of course I will post my perceptions here for all to peruse. I could be way off about the course profile since the elevation surface I used was very coarse, but we'll see.