Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Reaming of a Lifetime

That's what you get sometimes when you have an "older" dog - he has allergies and now dry eye, so we just spent a metric crapload to feed and medicate him. It's a good thing he's cute, otherwise, who knows...? So I was too hungry (and financially demoralized) by the time we got home to run, and figured skipping a day still counts as recovery.

In other news, I spent 1/25 that amount on some new Drymax socks from Running Warehouse (where I've gotten shoes before - free 2-day shipping rocks). I'd heard about them from IronPol here, and watched an awesome video here, and figured I could spend less than $20 and find out: Are Drymax socks right for me? One thing is certain, the trail running socks look very cool. I will have to wear them for races if only because they look like ass-kicking gear. I won't be running through any lakes or washbasins any time soon, but I will put them through their paces and let you know how I like them. They won't do much good when it's wet if they're uncomfortable when it's dry.

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Jeff said...

Thanks for the link and the comment. I am sure you're like the socks. Good luck with your Marathon. I hope you have a great time - Jeff