Saturday, April 5, 2008

Easy Run Day

We managed to finally avoid having a vet appointment today, so I got on the treadmill this afternoon for a typical 4.0 miles. Over 3.0 miles at 6.3 mph, I threw in five different things to keep it interesting: one pick-up of 0.1 mi at 8 mph (7:30 pace), one 0.1 mi hill at 7%/6.6 mph, another 0.1 mi pick-up at 8.3 mph, another hill, and 0.2 mi at 9 mph (6:40 pace).

I wore my new NB 858's today with my Drymax running rocks and here's a little gear recap. The heel is much softer than the Brooks Addictions, although I mentioned that the Brooks' midsoles are probably breaking down. With the orthotics, they feel a little strange when heel-striking at low to moderate speeds. At higher speeds, I am trying to land on the outside of the forefoot with a lighter footstrike - and these shoes feel great! They are lighter, and the 9 mph sprint at the end was practically effortless. The Drymax socks were fine, but they had a very minor acrylic-sock squeak to them, unlike cotton or wool. I don't like running in the rain, but it's inevitable, and that's where I expect these new socks to show their stuff.

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