Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easy Run Day

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and it's a beautiful day to run 4.8 miles (44:02=easy 9:10 pace). It's also a nice day to rehydrate with a cold Saranac Pale Ale.

I tried my new 2-bottle North Face belt just for kicks, and the verdict is in: the sloshing drives me crazy!! And I'm not sure if my hips are uneven, or if the belt fits funny, but it was always trying to slip around to the side, so I spent lots of time pushing it back. The belt will therefore be reserved for easy runs where 45 ounces of fluids (and maybe gels and other accessories) are absolutely necessary.

Weekly total: 13.8, 101.24 March total, 11.8 April to date, 314.46 YTD. 26 weeks to Wineglass Marathon.

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