Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yesterday=Easy Run Day

Dear Intarwebs: I owe you an explanation for yesterday's run and today's lack of run. Yesterday was speed day, so I did 3 mile repeats at a good pace (up to 7.6 mph/7:54). My medial shins/ankles are sore today, but that's probably been aggravated by driving to Rochester and back (360 miles, thank you very much). We met with LG's GI surgeon today who explained her test results from two weeks ago. We are planning for her to have surgery on May 13 - the week I start my new job - and spend 7 to 10 days in the hospital. I anticipate fun times ahead.

And an update on the training schedule. I finally sat down with a calendar and the Basic Competitor's 16-week marathon training plan in The Competitive Runner's Handbook, and filled in 2008 through the end of October - from running 37 miles on my birthday, to racing a hard 20K in June, to my favorite local 5K in August, through the October 5 marathon and a month of recovery. It will probably have to be tweaked, and it is obviously a best-case training plan, where I don't injure myself and can do all the runs. But what freaks me out is the monthly totals - May: 149, June: 156, July: 166, August: 191, September 149 (taper time!). When I ran 112 miles in February, I thought I was Superman. Shortly, the plan will go into the spreadsheet and it will be time to get to work.


Jeff said...

Before this is over you'll look back at February and think of it as an easy month.

I trained for my second marathon with a running group - and one of the landmarks we used to run to was this totem pole in Santa Monica by the beach. I remember the first time we made it all the way to the totem pole it seemed like a very long run. By the time we finished the full training program, a run to the totem pole and back was an easy day...

Dave M said...

I have a 17-mile run planned for tomorrow, which would be a new distance PR. In 2006, it was hard to run two days in a row, and I couldn't run more than 20 minutes on the treadmill; last year it was a big deal to run 20 miles a week. This year, I've done two 15 mile runs, and a half marathon *on the treadmill.* The old me would have died of boredom (or exhaustion) just reading that.