Sunday, June 15, 2008

Easy Run, Race Goal Declaration

4.8 miles in 43:02 (8:58 pace). This would be an "endurance" run in preparation for the Corporate Challenge. I was shooting for 45-50 minutes, but I was satisfied with the distance I covered in what I did, and it wasn't easy. The endurance just isn't there - I know I've run 15 miles or more three times this year, but it's slipped completely out of reach for now. I've been doing the P.T. exercises every day since last Wednesday, and I have a P.T. session tomorrow morning, so we'll see if I can slowly increase my mileage again.

Here are my goals for the Corporate Challenge: 5k - 24:30, 1 mile in relay - 7:00. These aren't PRs, but I think there's some room for improvement. Last year's 5K was a dismal 26:51 but it was in the 90's and no one had a good race that day.

Weekly total: 13.7, 23.9 June to date, 486.02 YTD. 16 weeks to Wineglass Marathon.

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