Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two Good Runs

EDIT/UPDATE: I also shoveled snow for at least 20 minutes tonight! It sure felt like exercise.

Another thing I got over New Year's was a cold (thanks, Dad! glad you're feeling better). It put the brakes on one run this week - Thursday, if I wanted to run every other day - and I'm almost over it now. I ran Tuesday when I wasn't feeling too great, and today. Both runs were similar treadmill workouts.

I warmed up with 10 minutes of walking and jogging, then ran for 15 minutes, then cooled down for 5 - a tidy 30 minute workout both days. On the run, I did 5 minutes around 6.3 mph, 5 at 6.5-6.6, and 5 at 7 with 0:30 up to 10 mph, or 5 at up to 8.2 mph. Tuesday I did 2.69 miles, and today I went 2.8 miles. I noticed that the short, intense bursts really felt great and gave me energy for several hours afterwards. The shins are a little touchy today, but I hope they'll be OK tomorrow when I may do a longer, easier run (no sprints! does "sprint" rhyme with "shinsplint" for a reason?).

Today I also did some honest upper body and core stuff. I did 2x10 push-ups and 1 side plank ea. side for 30 seconds. I didn't think that the side plank would be too tough, but every picture I see of the side plank features some 115-pound Olympian - they have half the weight to hold up. No wonder push-ups are harder, too. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day, right? I expect to see progress fairly quickly if I do these every other day.

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