Monday, June 8, 2009

Latest Developments and New Vestal XX Logo

The left hip pain I developed about three weeks ago is gone. The muscle strain was worse than I thought, or there was something else going on. I was able to run 15 miles in Massena on May 23, but then the hip hurt until last Thursday. My mom says I should try pilates.

So Friday I did a little walk/jog/run on the treadmill and felt OK. Saturday was spent building a gate to fix the smashed fence, shopping, and getting ready to make my famous All-Day Ribs yesterday.

Yesterday morning I ran 4.15 miles on the Vestal XX course with some of the TCRC guys. I am going to design a new logo for this race featuring a guy puking - that race course is definitely barf-tastic. A couple hours later, my plantar fasciitis flared up in my right foot, so aarrgghhh!

Shinsplints, groin pull, muscle strain, and plantar fasciitis. Ta-da!

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