Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Intervals and Gadget Geekery

Output from my new toy:

Now I can be like those cyclists that post charts of watts, HR, distance, elevation, etc., etc... This is a heart rate plot against time for a 7x400 workout totaling 4 miles. After a 1 mile warmup, I ran 400 and walked/jogged 200 seven times. The long rest between laps 4 and 5 was a water break. I'm not sure how accurate the HR monitor is, since my maximum is supposed to be 185. What happens when you go over??

Here are my 400 splits:
  1. 1:35
  2. 1:40
  3. 1:43
  4. 1:42
  5. 1:44
  6. 1:44
  7. 1:42
for an average of 1:41. Yes, I started out too fast, but I almost never do intervals on the track so of course my pace was off. But not too bad for an old man.

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