Monday, July 6, 2009

Racking Up the Miles

Hey kids! June was a good month - 65 miles - and July is off to a good start. I ran 14 miles on July 4th when we were in Massena, the dullest out-and-back you can imagine! OK, the scenery was decent, and it was overcast so not too hot, and nutrition and hydration were fine, and I love my new Garmin HR monitor, but it was a tough 2+ hours and I got badly chafed in two not-entirely-unexpected places. On the way out, I wanted to keep my HR below 170 and needed some walk breaks, and the way back was into the wind while I wanted to negative split - so more walk breaks.

Mileage update: June - 65 miles; YTD through July 4 - 407 miles.

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