Saturday, February 9, 2008

2nd Saturday Update

Tonight I signed up for the B-Fit B-Day Challenge. This is a triathlete challenge to swim-run-bike your age on/around your birthday; I'll be 37 this year. You swim the first number (3 mi), run the second number (7 mi) and bike the whole thing (37 mi). For a Gold medal, you do it in one day; Silver, three days, and Bronze, I think you have a week. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Problem numero uno: I don't know how to swim.

Problem B: I don't have a bike.

There has been some initial discussion about developing a run-only challenge around the birthday number. I posted a suggestion that has yet to get any responses (it's the weekend, you're all out training!): you still have to run your age but the time limit is in hours. You have an equal number (say 37 miles in 37 hours) for Gold, double the hours for Silver, and triple the hours for Gold. I'll let you know how the discussion goes at the B-Fit B-Day site, and if I set up a challenge for my birthday this year.


Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Dave!

Great Blog!!! You are taking this marathon training very seriously.

Curious about how a VOMax of 40 determines your training pace.

Is there a table somewhere that recommends these paces for various values of VOMax?

As for the Birthday challenge....I like your proposal for a runners challenge. Maybe we should launch this!

Dave M said...

Hi Mary-

Greg McMillan has a race time estimator here that uses VO2max:

and there are some other estimators here:

Jack Daniels developed the original VO2max formula and he gives tables in his Running Formula book (which as you can see I just returned).

Stay tuned for more about the Birthday Challenge!

Mary Sunshine said...

The McMillan calculator is the best I've ever seen.

tells me I have a long way to go to get to Boston....but it's good to start somewhere. I guess it's really more about the journey.

Thanks very much for the link!