Sunday, February 3, 2008

Easy Run Day

3.25 mi: 0.75 w/u, 2.25 at 6.2 mph (9:40), 0.25 c/d. New shoes and old orthotics. Felt great!

Follow-up from yesterday's Long Run: Legs feel fine, abs no longer sore at all(!). Back sore this morning but warmed up OK.

Plan for this week: reduced mileage, maybe no speed work or shorter speed session, 8 mile long run.

Weekly total: 25.35 miles, 16.85 MTD, 105.74 YTD. 35 weeks to Wineglass Marathon.


Tea said...

which plan are you following?

Dave M said...

Right now, it's a modified Bob Glover plan from The Runner's Handbook: run five days a week, with one speed work day, one long day, and the rest easy. I'm doing two weeks high miles - one week moderate now. Once I get up over about 12-15 miles for the long runs, I will stick closer to Glover's plan of alternate long and medium long runs (15-10-17-10, etc.) each week. The end result will be the 15K on March 30, then time to recover and re-evaluate for summer races and the October marathon.