Thursday, February 7, 2008

Easy Run Day

4.0 total easy, on the treadmill. Nothing else to report today!

The weather is turning colder again, and I will probably be spending more time on the machine in front of the TV. Better than nothing, I guess.


Tea said...

In the past week, I've watched the Matrix THREE times.

I can't wait for spring. :)

Dave M said...

For treadmill runs, I can watch TV OR listen to music on the computer (or both, I guess), but I can't see the computer to watch a movie. Weekdays, I watch Frasier between 5 and 6, and on the weekends I usually watch whatever's on Food Network.

I have to run 7-8 miles tomorrow and I hope the snow will be light in the morning. I can't face another long run on the machine!