Saturday, February 9, 2008

Long Run Day

7.9 mi total: 2 x (1.82 to MacArthur Park, once around the track, back home) in 1:18:14 (9:54 pace or 6.06 mph). Felt fine but a little slow at times. Finally got the pedometer working to show pace in mph - it was right on. No sprints/strides/pickups this time. I wanted to focus on keeping a slow, steady pace for the entire run and I think I did well.

I didn't finish it, but the verdict is in on Daniels' Running Formula: I'm returning it today. Based on past race performances, really on my 5K PR of 24:00, I know my VO2max is around 40. Runner's World uses this value to calculate your training paces; how you use them is up to you, although they do offer very sensible training plans. Daniels just seems a little too hard-core exercise physiology right now - I'm not looking to shave 2 minutes off a 2:30 marathon, I'm just looking to keep fit at my current level and finish my first marathon under 4:00. I'm happy with the results of the plan I'm on, and I can see slow, steady improvements that I will be ready to test in spring/summer races.

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