Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Easy Run Day

4.0 miles total by the usual 0.75/3.0 easy/0.25. I'm not really sore any more, but I still feel trashed from the 12.8 miles on Saturday. I felt slow and heavy on the treadmill today, although 2-3 100-200m strides at around 7:30 pace felt OK. It's great to know that my body and my form are getting more efficient, that fast running is always possible - even when I'm sore or tired.

Thought for the day: All of my races this year will be PRs since I've only ever raced 5Ks. I will be setting initial PRs for 1 mile, 15K, 20K or 10 miles, and the marathon. By the end of August, I expect to beat my current 5K PR as well.

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