Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Schedule Change

That's what you call it when you go out for a couple of beers after work and don't feel like doing your speed work on the treadmill. OK Wednesday and Thursday, take one step to the right. Depending on the weather, I may push the long run to Sunday which is supposed to be clear and above 30 degrees, but I need to make sure I'm not working hard too close to next Saturday's race. (Why am I so worried about a simple mile in front of the parade crowd? And I'm already thinking about getting down to the start, the weather, warming up enough, the slightly uphill course...)

I've been (somewhat loosely) diagnosed in the past with a high ankle sprain or strain. That's what one doofus Dr. told me when pronation was initially causing me problems in 2005. I still get the occasional tibialis posterior tendon pain but it's usually just a couple of inches above my ankle. Tonight I have a small but very sore spot that is a clear 6 inches above that - maybe I'm still fatigued from last weekend and my form was off the last couple of days. Oh well... Charlie Mike! Speed work tomorrow.

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