Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long Run Day

12.8 miles in 2:00:13 (9:23 pace) - 2 x ~10K loop. First loop in 1:00:41, second in 59:28 - negative splits! Again, this was over a mix of clean and icy sidewalks so there was lots of shuffling, plus walking to drink slowed me down a little. I'm a little stiff tonight, but I'm sure an easy 4-5 miles tomorrow will feel great.

Since this is my blog and my running program, I'm adding a new tag: distance PR. 12.8 miles is my new maximum distance!

Gear update: Sportslick works (thanks, Tea!). It goes on like thick grease, and you'd think it will just melt away, but it "dries" to a protective skin barrier that won't get irritated. Chafing? Buh-bye.

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