Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mud and Guts

I have been reading triathletes' blogs for about a year now, mostly for entertainment but also for inspiration (Duane inspired me to train for a marathon) and training/gear tips (Tea recommended Sportslick). Some of them are regular commenters here, and some are taking the B-Fit B-Day Challenge. They are really friendly people who love their sport(s) and love being healthy and active.

I found GeekGirl (now Iron GeekGirl!) when Googling for distance running. She and her husband Sweet Baboo do all kinds of triathlons in and around their home state of New Mexico, and have started doing ultra-distance runs. Yesterday, they both completed the Black Warrior 50K trail race in Alabama. That's 31 miles, folks, and Baboo was sick. What did YOU do yesterday?

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