Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Break

No running since last Thursday, which was an easy 4.0 miles that I didn't post about. The weekend was spent driving to In-Law Town, eating and drinking lavishly, and not running. The early plan was to run long Saturday or Sunday, but even though the roads were bare, the snow banks were still over 5 ft in most places - not the safest environment for a pedestrian. And it's not the kind of town where runners are common, so drivers wouldn't see me even if they saw me. You know what I mean. (Shut up! Get your own blog, why don'tcha!)

I feel bad about not running at all over the weekend, and I am worried about the race next Sunday, but I should just focus on getting good runs in this week. Nothing too hard or long, so I can just stay loose. Then I think it'll be time for a new pair of shoes - the tibialis posteriors are touchy most of the time now.

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