Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easy Run Day

4.4 miles in 40:22 (9:10 pace) - outside! The overall pace was good, but I can't help but run a little faster after I warm up. I started out very easy, probably closer to a 10:00 pace, but it was hard to keep going that slow. My footstrike felt heavy because it's hard to run "lightly" when you spend that much time on the ground. One thing I definitely want to learn this summer is how to run faster - but whaddya know, there's lots of stuff on the web about technique, and even some YouTube videos. I'll see if I can learn anything without hurting myself, and tomorrow's a speed workout anyway.

It was nearly 50 degrees today and sunny (thanks, overzealous energy-saving government!) so why did I wear the long sleeve technical top AND the fleece pullover AND the poly pants? At least I could put my hat and gloves in my pockets, but I couldn't exactly take my pants off. Time to get smart about clothes again as it warms up.

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