Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy Race Course, Batman

I got a chance to drive the Forks XV course today, and I think I may be officially SCREWED. The hills, my god, THE HILLS!!!

This makes my Dad a real ironman - he never complained about anything, and I think these hills may actually kill me. He ran this race once (must have been 25 years ago) and lived to tell about it. I swear the course was flatter back then. Here's the route, although the mile markers are short because several waggles at the start and finish are not mapped.

I took yesterday off because my hip flexors were still killing me. A liberal application of mentholated Aspercreme has loosened everything up and tomorrow should be a good easy day. Since next weekend is Easter and we will be up in the north country, I will have to get all quality runs in this week.

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Iron Pol said...

If you haven't tried it, might I recommend Biofreeze. I first got some of this from a friend who has fibromyalgia. It works wonders.

Nice site, btw. First real chance I've had to stop by (and even this is only because my wife is handling the daughter and our son is asleep).

Thanks for the comments at my site.