Friday, April 11, 2008

Easy Run Day (Yesterday)

I guess I've been pretty tired all week - three good runs in a row, plus the dog's been on steroids so he has to go out every 2 hours. I've been taking him out at 1:30 and 4 in the morning, and even though I can get back to sleep, it must mess me up. Maybe it's also a side effect of the antibiotic I'm on - it does mention "dizziness" so that's close.

Yesterday I did two 2.08 mile loops around the neighborhood in 37:06, plus I did a negative split (like I always do!) for the second loop - 9:10 vs. 8:40 pace. Overall, everything felt pretty good, but it definitely felt better the faster I went. Yes, I admit that only the first loop was even close to an easy pace.

Looking forward to keeping track of my triathlete blogger buddies who are doing Ironman Arizona on Sunday, running 10 easy miles tomorrow, and watching The Masters all weekend. Can I just tell you how BAD The Masters web site is? You would think that kind of tournament could afford some good web design.

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