Saturday, April 12, 2008

Long Run Day, Awesome Triathletes Story

Today's run was a good 10.3 mile loop in great weather, with my trusty new two-bottle belt. The bottles' sloshing was more tolerable than my first run with the belt because of the wind - I barely heard the sloshing at all. My times were really great, too:
  • 8.7 mile split time: 1:24:44 (9:44 pace)
  • last 1.6 miles: 12:14 (7:39 pace - nice!!)
  • overall: 1:36:58 (9:25 pace)
I am beginning to think that there is no way I can run an entire workout at "easy" pace - I have to run it in at the end, so that's how today's run ended. There's some truth-in-training here - I guess that combining tempo with long runs teaches you to run fast when you are fatigued. The key is to do it in training so you learn just how fast and how long you can go. I know I can go fast, and I can go long, now the key is to start combining them - that's called racing, I think...

Today's Triathletes Are Awesome story is brought to you by Commodore and Stronger (private), who put their heads together to raise money in a "secret fundraiser" to get Duane a new bike. Just go read about it and tell me you aren't touched at least a little. If so, your heart is made of empty darkness.

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