Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Speed Training Day

Despite the left leg pain that continues to nag me, I actually did intervals today on the treadmill in my fancy new shoes. I have a hunch that Aspercreme (how OLD am I??) burns when you sweat and soak it in, but it was hard to differentiate from the anterior and posterior muscle/tendon pain.

The workout was 9x800 for a total of 8.0 miles. I did the 800s at: 7.8 mph (7:41 pace), 2x7.9 mph (7:35), 3x8.0 mph (7:30), one at 8.0/8.2 (7:30/7:19), one at 8.2-8.4 (7:19-7:09, and the last one at 8.2-9.0 (up to 6:40 pace). I did 400 rests walking and jogging, 1.0 mi w/u and 0.5 mi c/d. Yes, I was totally wiped.


Tea said...

I think you're younger than me, so get yer ass out there you wussy!

uh, maybe I should try POSITIVE reinforcement?

Dave M said...

You always have something nice to say, Tea. That's why I do this... :-)

Iron Pol said...

I'd suggest Biofreeze over aspercreme. It's probably more brutal on the eyes (if you get it there), but never seems to bother me if I have it on during a run.

I have a rather bad back, so occasionally have to use it prior to runs.