Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sock Review: The Beginning

SofSole sent me a complementary package with two types of insoles and some socks under the condition that I try them out and write about them. Herewith we shall evaluate these medium-weight performance socks.

Initial impression: For "cushioning" socks, not so much. Soft, with some obvious "engineered" areas for compression/support and ventilation, sort of like Drymax's running line. They are thinner than I usually like, and don't seem like they will be very "springy" or abrasion-resistant. I'm not running much lately, but I'll give them some walking time in various running shoes. They also have some "moisture management" claims, although I don't have too much trouble with sweaty feet - I'll compare them to the Drymax and my usual heavyweight cotton runners.

Here endeth Lesson 1.

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