Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Speed Training Day

Obligatory run post: 4.0 miles total, fartlek style. For me, fartlek-ing involves running pick-ups at 7:30 pace and hills up to about 6% on the treadmill. Frasier was on, so it was workout time.

My first physical therapy appointment is Tuesday, so we'll see what they say. The podiatrist said that although the other PT group I've gone to is well-intentioned, they're not really feet experts.

All I can do is keep trying. I've felt really lousy the last few days since I haven't been running. All I want to do is eat and drink beer and sleep - no way to train for a marathon. The Birthday Challenge is out, but I have committed to the Corporate Challenge on June 19, running the 5K and a 1-mile leg in the 3-mile relay. I'm sure I can beat last year's 5K time since it probably won't be in the mid-90's, and I hope I can beat my mile PR from March 1.

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