Monday, July 14, 2008

Easy Run Day

I hope my podiatrist doesn't read this, but I ran WITHOUT MY ORTHOSES today! Remember recently when I said I wanted to run barefoot, caveman-style? This is as close as I will venture right now - and I think there's something in it. I will run a few times without the supplemental support, just the motion-control shoes alone, to see how my legs react. Feeling stronger, pain no worse? Go for it! Crippled tomorrow? OK, I'll put them back in. It's possible that the prescription I got in January was "too strong" - and the heel wedges are too wedge-y. Maybe wearing orthotics for three years has allowed my legs to actually get weaker since my heels and arches are so jacked up. It's a tough problem to figure out.

Today I ran 3.5 miles total, with the core 2.5 miles at up to 7 mph (8:30 pace). I'm trying to keep my footstrike outside-ball when I'm running faster than about 9:00, and it usually works, although I immediately roll through a flat-footed transition to toe-off. I've been thinking about having a neighbor coach me a few times this summer - it would be nice to get some advice about my mechanics, especially if it can help me stay injury-minimized.

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Tea said...

I wear motion controlled shoes also. In fact, I'm in the market for new ones.

For the last few months, I've been really working on my form also, trying to be more efficient, overall better runner. LOL....afterall, I really can't get much slower.