Sunday, August 24, 2008

Short Road Run, Thater 5K Race

No, not race results. I actually went to watch the race this morning and it honestly felt weird to be on the outside of the ropes. Since I watched my dad run races years ago, I've really never seen another race. I've been running a few every year since 2005, when in my first race, I came in second in my age group (that's how they get you hooked - with hardware).

Yesterday, I ran on the road for the first time since June 23. Erm, I'm not very pleased. I walked and jogged about 3/4 mile, then ran 1.3, then walked home 0.3 for a total of 2.3. The run pace averaged 8:36, which means I probably ran between 9:00 and 8:00, with a moderately fast finish. I always run like that no matter how far I'm going - but I probably should keep the pace below 8:30 - period - for now.

I read somewhere recently that amateur runners should not do any speed work at all for the first two years - anyone ever hear that? As depressing as it is, considering my performance this year in racing and running longer distances, it does make sense. Eh. Crap.

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Tea said...

In training for a marathon? Yes.

It's a risk of injury thing. Newer runners legs haven't built up the stamina to handle the stress of speedwork.
Even runners who have been running for longer periods of time really should alternate speed and tempo workouts. Some of that depends on genetics, age, weight, etc.